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Re:Source Partners’ primary areas of service are Design Development and Construction Documentation for Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering; CADD Conversion; Design Visualization; and Building Information Modeling.

Design Development and Construction Documentation for Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering
Re:Source Partners offers full production support service for CADD. We develop your schematic designs into plans, drawings and details. Our services cover planning, architecture and interior design, as well as structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection engineering disciplines. You remain Architect of Record, in-charge of schematic design, and responsible for bid evaluation and construction administration. Simply provide us with your design criteria and your design and drawing standards. We are sure to be conversant with and knowledgeable on your codes, regulations and conventions. We always work under close collaboration with you and deliver CADD drawings according to your instructions.

CADD Conversion
We convert your architectural and engineering blueprints into CADD format. With CADD format conversion, you will simplify, centralize and secure your data for proper management while allowing for multiple user access. The possibility of data mishandling or misinterpretation is greatly reduced.

Design Visualization
We work to provide you design visualization methods and venues. Provide us with your floor plans, elevations, site plans, material samples, swatches and photographs and we will breathe life into your vision. We deliver both computer generated and freehand rendering. Our specialized skills in 3D animation cover visual walk-throughs of interiors and exteriors with equal capability to render architectural fly-by animations.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)
We provide support in BIM services, providing computable information during the design and construction process, integrating for you all the building data and details of your project. The parametric and object-based system allows for further sharing of data between all the design and build team members.

One of the purpose-built software for BIM, key for sustainable design. Make a revision and its automatically coordinated throughout your project, so your designs and documentation stay consistent and coplete.

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