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The Outsourcing Environment

To thrive in a globally competitive business environment, international design firms have acknowledged and considered outsourcing as an inevitable solution. It is fast becoming a widely accepted option due to rapid developments in information technology and the internet, facilitating communication and coordination, a key element in outsourcing.

In the fields of architecture, interior design and engineering, there is a need to focus on high profit core functions and reduce repetitive, labor intensive tasks. Outsourcing design development and detailing significantly decreases overheads. This results in savings on personnel, hardware, software, IT infrastructure, office space and other maintenance costs. These savings, however, should never compromise quality and it is this value proposition that positions Re:Source Partners competitively against its counterparts in India and China. Re:Source Partners offers quality collaboration to ensure that business targets are achieved and growth potential is realized.

Re:Source Partners’ greatest resource is the Filipino talent and competence. Our strength lies in having access to a large pool of highly skilled and technically competent human resource with strong Western orientation in architectural and engineering education and professional practice and the ability to communicate proficiently in English. Strong customer service orientation and cultural adaptability are also among our competitive advantages.

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